I’m Hayley (she/her). I am a yoga and meditation teacher, cyclical living advocate and lover of rest.

Being fortunate enough to have grown up on Bundjalung Country/Byron Bay, I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly half of my life. I am now based in nipaluna, lutruwita/Hobart, Tasmania where I teach both in person and online. 

My love for yoga expanded within me after returning home from my first big overseas trip, still suffering from a disordered relationship to food and my physical body, I was disconnected from myself.
Yoga gave me something that fostered a deep reverence for how much more we are than these physical bodies. For the change we can create with simple aligned breath and movement.
At the same time, yoga taught me that this body is my home. And it's important that I feel at home in my skin.
After suffering through my menstrual cycle and being diagnosed with an array of different medical conditions including PCOS, endometriosis and hypothalamic amenorrhea, my journey into menstrual cyclical living began.
I learned how to read and understand the language of my body, to know when I need rest, or when I have the energy to push. To know and track my hormonal journey meant I no longer felt like a victim in my menstruating body. And in doing this, I forged a deep and valuable friendship with myself. Pain and social constructs around my menstrual cycle were dismantled and eventually fell away. My symptoms left with them.
I stopped viewing my body as something that needed to change or be better, and instead gained a deep appreciation for just how wise she is. How nothing is there by mistake or to be a hindrance.
Through this process of following my inner seasons, I began looking to nature; to the ways we see cycles in all things. The seasons of the earth, the tides of the ocean, our breath or the phases of the moon. My yoga practice began to mirror the cycle of the seasons. Knowing what I need in winter is different from what I need in summer. Just as what I need when I'm menstruating is different to what I need when I'm ovulating.
I am not a linear being.
Now, I share what helped me. I teach what I practice.
Seasonal yoga and cyclical living.
My teaching is slow, stable and always guided by breath.
I hope to always facilitate a space in which humans feel safe to unravel our tightly spun bodies and minds, unlearn patriarchal conditioning and reclaim our bodies as our homes.
Yoga is beautiful and healing and human and I hope to share it with you soon.

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I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which I live, practice, work and play: the muwinina people of nipaluna, lutruwita. I recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. I extend this respect to First Nations peoples all over Australia, and the world.