yoga and self care aligned with the phases of your menstrual cycle

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your self-paced online course teaching you how to align your yoga, self-care and life with your menstrual cycle.
so you can learn to love living in your skin, moving towards a deep trust in your body and liberation from the systems that keep us small.

your cycle can be your ally.



ORBITAE is a deep dive into the innate wisdom that exists within your cyclical body and how you can adjust your yoga and self-care practices to lead a more sustainable and balanced life. When we learn how to sync our life with our natural inner rhythm, we not only heal our relationship with our bodies, we gain access to a deep wisdom and power that resides within.




  • a rich understanding of the hormonal phases of our menstrual cycle and how our bodies change and transform throughout the month
  • an opportunity to befriend your cycle and heal your relationship with your biology
  • re-framing the narratives around PMS, blood, and ‘the curse’ that we experience
  • unlearning of social constructs around the menstrual cycle and our bodies including standardised beauty ideals
  • live opening and closing circles to meet, understand and share experiences with your fellow menstruators
  • yoga classes, meditations and self-care practices aligned with each phase to support your cyclical journey
  • an e-workbook with journaling prompts and self-care practices for each phase
  • an in-depth look at phases of your cycle and how they affect you physically, hormonally and emotionally using the analogy of the seasons
  • thoughtfully curated playlists to align with each class offering and enhance your ORBITAE experience
  • an opportunity to reclaim menstruation as a dear friend and ally
  • access to the content for life plus access to any future ORBITAE live classes and content
  • PLUS gain access to a community of other menstruators to continually check in and support each other through the cyclical living journey


doors to register will reopen march 2023

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We live in a world where we are often expected to show up and ‘perform’ the same each day of the week, month or year.
As cyclical beings, this is not always possible nor sustainable for us.

In adjusting our lives to work with our bodies, rather than pushing against them, we reclaim our agency and access a deeper wisdom and power that resides within.
Through this deeper connection to self, pain, disharmony and social constructs around the menstrual cycle can be dismantled and fall away.
In respecting our bodies natural rhythm, we respect the rhythms of the natural world. The more we live in harmony with nature, the more harmony we find within ourselves.

Everything is cyclical.
Including you.

ORBITAE is here to guide you to reclaiming menstruation as something sacred, to be cherished.
There's gifts in living in a menstruating body.

your cycle matters.

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I’ve previously struggled to honour my body, feeling pressured to show up in a consistent way. Before Orbitae I had difficulty adjusting my yoga practice to reflect the needs of my cycle and resisted rest during my bleed, for the simple reason that I did not know how.
Orbitae has provided me with the knowledge and practices I need to listen to and respect my body and honour my cyclical nature. I feel more aligned with my true, cyclical self. I am full of gratitude for Hayley- she has provided just what I needed at exactly the right time. Orbitae has filled the missing pieces in my practice of menstrual cycle awareness.


Hayley's Orbitae course is incredibly valuable. I had been called to live more in alignment with the moon and my cycles for a while now and this course has put me on that path. I found the information provided life-changing. I feel that I am starting to use the ebbs and flows of my hormones to my fullest potential, and allowing myself space to rest and reset when needed, rather than keep pushing full steam ahead the entire month (the meditations and yin yoga classes are especially great for the slower seasons).
Hayley is a beautiful and knowledgeable teacher, with a gift for holding space. I think it's so important to understand what is happening to our bodies from a holistic point of view and Orbitae is an amazing way to learn how we can harness the power of our cycles



doors will reopen march 2023

your email below to be added to the waitlist, and in the meantime, receive a free guided period pain meditation to your inbox


I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which I live, practice, work and play: the muwinina people of nipaluna, lutruwita. I recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. I extend this respect to First Nations peoples all over Australia, and the world.