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Yoga practices that change with the earth's seasons.

For longevity.
For a balanced way of moving, breathing and being

Are you someone who feels disconnected from your body? Perhaps you have a hard time showing up with consistency, or channelling inspiration.
Maybe you love your yoga practice, but you’re starting to wonder why your daily vinyasa doesn’t feel good like it used to… Are you tired? 


 What is SEASONAL?

SEASONAL is an extensive online platform that gives you access to a carefully curated and ever-changing library of seasonal yoga classes.
Ranging from five to 75 minutes long, classes are specifically designed to guide you to a state of harmony with the outside world using the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and Daoist five element theory.

Yoga teaches us that everything is ever changing.
And nature teaches us that everything is cyclical.
From these ancient understandings, we can create a new approach to practicing yoga that reconnects us to the natural world and brings us home to ourselves.
What we require in autumn is different from what we require in spring; winter is different to summer.

When we learn to live in harmony with the natural world, accepting the cyclical nature of all things ourselves included a deeper state of health and vitality arises.
SEASONAL studio includes classes, meditations and mini workshops that align with the seasons.
Created to foster your alignment with the natural world, which:
Supports your overall health and wellbeing
Inspires creativity
Avoids burnout
Gets you on your yoga mat
Gives you more energy and vitality
Allows you to be more consistent on a wider spectrum, and
Teaches you how to support yourself through life, transitions and the changing nature of all things
So that we can continue the practice of yoga well into our old age.


  • Full and unlimited access to a cyclical library of seasonal yoga classes, meditations and breath work classes
  • Bonus access to the library of ‘all seasons’ classes
  • An invitation to deepen your yoga practice to become more than just shapes in space
  • An introductory understanding of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these modalities apply to our modern lives
  • Simple and accessible yogic philosophy woven into each class
  • Unlimited access to all of the recordings 24/7
  • An opportunity to lead a more cyclical life, steering you away from burnout and toward connection to yourself and the natural world
  • Bonus recordings of yoga nidra, meditations and other relaxation tools that encourage healthy sleep and allow you to move through live with more vitality and grace
  • Classes that range from five to 75 minutes long, so you always have time to practice
  • Classes that are accessible to practitioners of every level
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If we look to nature, we see that there are times of dynamism, of outward expression and expenditure. And, if we keep looking, we see that there are times of introversion, times when everything slows down and returns to its centre, so that when we begin again, there is more to give.
It's a cycle. As are all things.

As humans, specifically here in the west, it seems we have forgotten our connection to nature.
We are so concerned with productivity and profit. This idea that we are to be continually hustling, working, getting bigger and therefore 'better'... It's outdated and it’s proven itself to be unsustainable.

The same applies to our yoga practice.
For this reason, we practice yoga seasonally.
In learning to live in harmony with the cycles of the natural world, we remember our innate connection to it, and through this, our connection to ourselves and our practice deepens. It’s less about achieving and more about harmonising.
The aim is longevity, so that we can continue to practice yoga well into our old age.

With yoga classes, meditations, and resources available 24/7, whenever you need it most,
So no matter where you are, you can cultivate consistency and balance, even in the midst of chaos.


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SEASONAL is a resource that invites me to tune into the needs of my body in a gentle, non-intrusive way. Aligning the classes with the pace of the seasons makes my practice feel connected to a larger rhythm, but also the rhythm of my body. Hayley's classes bring me back to myself.


SEASONAL has changed the way I practice yoga. Hayley offers a variety of practices, from yin to slow flow to vinyasa, and a perfect balance between shorter and full length classes. Each class is unique and perfectly fits with the season. The variety of classes means I’m able to find a class that matches my inner season as well as the outer season. SEASONAL has simplified my yoga practice in such a wonderful way- I recommend SEASONAL to everyone!


The SEASONAL platform and Hayley’s teachings and practice have not only improved my personal practice, but have also had a flow on affect into my everyday life. I have more of an awareness of my body and it’s needs, and have learnt how to honour those needs and to be ok with how that changes every day. Very, very grateful for this platform and the lessons!



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I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which I live, practice, work and play: the muwinina people of nipaluna, lutruwita. I recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. I extend this respect to First Nations peoples all over Australia, and the world.